As fitness professionals, we know that after building your clientele, the toughest part of this business is answering the question:

... where do we train?! 

While in-home gyms are nice, most clients and trainers prefer a professional facility to train. That's why in forma offers trainers a conveniently located, high-end, private space, stocked with top of the line equipment, to train your clients without sacrificing the majority of your hourly wages to a big gym. Plus, at in forma, you can market yourself as you wish and charge as you wish– with no non-competes to sign and zero restrictions on creativity.

Besides, let’s face it. Big gyms can be crowded, loud, and generally not the preferred environment for some of your more discreet clients.

In forma is the answer you’ve both been looking for. You choose when to train and who to train, and we make sure the gym is always a private experience – never allowing more than three trainers on the floor at the same time. And those high monthly gym fees? Ditch them. Your clients pay you and that’s it. 

No contracts?

No high fees?

No crowded gym?

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Trainers who work with in forma are certified, independent contractors who rent space from us on a monthly basis. You are required to obtain your own insurance and charge your clients independently.

To train at our facility, you simply sign up with an in forma rep and log your sessions through our user-friendly app.  For each logged session, trainers are charged a nominal fee. You can either "pay as you go" or ask to be billed at the end of each month. It's that simple.

At in forma, we're not just a gym. 

We're family.

As entrepreneurs, we think it's important to stick together and support one another to succeed. From time to time in forma will network with prospective clients and we are happy to make connections to our trainers with no obligation to us. As an added bonus, we also market our trainers through word-of-mouth and social media–  because in forma wants to help your business thrive.


With no risk, no cost and no commitment, what are you waiting for?!

in forma : a home for trainers and their clients.